Wrinkly Butts: I'm Not in Boise Anymore

I was tired of eating my own cooking, so decided to venture across the street to nice little restaurant with an outdoor patio called Hurricane Wings, which turned out to be a good decision. I had shrimp tacos with just the right amount of pizzazz along with a margarita, not the best I ever had, but we are a long way from Mexico.

I sat alone, peering at the various patrons, maybe a dozen, and tuned into three or four conversations, when suddenly I heard the words "nude beach, parking lot five at Canaveral," which was a long way from St. Augustine, but hey, I'm looking for adventure, have plenty of time on my hands, so why not? I knew Canaveral had rockets…(but I’m not going there). I talked my pal Trish into driving and she eagerly agreed.

You might be thinking that my friend Trish and I wanted to A. show off our 74-year-old bodies or B. feast on any male eye candy that might be on exhibit, hopefully younger than 74. But you’re wrong. I was looking for material for my blogs and a new Wrinkly Bits book. Eye candy would be a bonus.

I looked up parking lot five on my handy, dandy iPhone and Dr. Google told me all about it, so Trish and I decided to jump into an adventure. We left our bikinis at home and were on the road early the next morning. We enjoyed the drive, but when we arrived, parking lot five was crammed and all fifty parking spaces were taken. My brain was exploding, wondering how many actual nudists we would see. Lots of cars meant lots of people and I was close to backing out of this quest. I left Trish with the car to fend off park rangers while I raced to the beach and, indeed, parking lot five had a beautiful beach and awesome breaking waves. It was eighty degrees with sun creating shadows, and yes, nudists, two groups. I found it curious that those who were nude still wore masks!

I spent a full fifteen minutes on the beach patio, trying to look nonchalant, like I was there to watch the fish being hauled in. (Wink. Wink) I pointed at the fishing poles and nodded when people said, “Look at that…fish.” And I did…They were beautiful fish and I’m glad we went.

Most beachgoers were dressed, but not all, and a lot of people were fishing from the beach. Fishing while wearing minimal clothes might be a sport of its own, I’m not sure, but I think it would pose a certain danger, you know fishhooks being what they are.

Anyway, it was a delightful day, with a nudist beach, and a lovely lunch at a place called Chase’s.

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