Wrinkly Bits

Thank you for reading and commenting on Wrinkly Bits. I have a lot of fun writing my blogs and am humbled that you read them.

I also spend time testing the waters with a romantic series entitled "Wrinkly Bits," which could be subtitled "Slapping Wrinkles at Seventy" or "Hallmark for Frisky Seniors." We’ll see how it goes. Two books are finished, but not agented or published. Another Wrinkly Bits is half done, and I’m not ready to give up my dreams of having them in print. Yet. I work with two editors and together we forge ahead; my brain exudes the stories, but their expertise makes it sound right.

A group of pubescents showed up at my house the other day, seeking mac and cheese and cookies and my Wi-Fi password. Not wanting them to interfere with my writing time, I reminded them, “I’m writing today, why don’t you kids go outside and play, or go fishing, for heaven’s sake?” Kids today don’t go outside enough, but the smoke is still hanging around, so I didn’t press it.

I didn’t have mac and cheese, but they found my ice cream stash and my left-over Girl Scout cookies and began their texting ritual while I continued writing. Then I heard, “What’s your grandma writing?” I perked up, wondering about their answers because they haven’t read anything in my Wrinkly Bits blogs or stories. This is the conversation that ensued:

“She writes stories about old people falling in love. She calls them Wrinkly Bits.”

“Old people don’t fall in love, so what does it mean?”

“I don’t know, she won’t tell me, but I think it’s about some old wrinkly guy kissing an even more wrinkly woman.”

“Eeew. That would never happen, she must write fantasy.”

Okay, guilty as charged. There, you have it…how I spend my time, writing books about wrinkly people living and loving as if they were thirty. Fantasy or fact?

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