What's on Television?

I’ve become incredibly discouraged with television. Not so many moons ago, I could flip on the TV and find something wildly entertaining, or at least fun, interesting, or educational on one of our four channels: a mystery (think CSI) or a comedy (think All in the Family) or a non-political news commentary (think David Frost) or a variety show (how about Carol Burnett). Tom liked sports, and football was king, but I could persuade him to close it down for an hour or two when I promised something wildly entertaining, unless he was watching the Florida Gators and he wouldn’t budge about those games, no matter what.

Fast forward to 2020, and several hundred channels are vying for my attention, none of which have anything fun, interesting, or educational, let alone wildly entertaining. The news shows are political, and reruns dominate some channels (think CSI, All in the Family,

or David Frost) and variety shows are non-existent. Now it’s the holidays and how many times can I watch Miracle on 34th Street or a Charlie Brown Christmas?

This weekend I watched Casino Royale—twice—the original and the new one, both of which had their strong and weak points. I subscribe to a couple movie channels but I have already seen what they offer or if I haven’t, I had no desire to see it on its first run, and I haven’t changed my mind. Occasionally a new show appears, maybe entertaining, but most likely not wildly entertaining, like Yellowstone, which aired a couple years ago, but I couldn’t find season one, episode one, so got lost when I watched season three, episode two. I watched and liked Longmire,and have seen most of it twice, but can’t make myself watch it a third time.

So…maybe somebody can help me out. I need something interesting, fun, educational…a variety show might help. And, needless to say, something wildly entertaining!

One of those TV shows from the past was the Lone Ranger…Pretend to be he and mask up!

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