What If?

What if is a game I like to play when my brain is so tired that I can’t possibly think of one more word to write and my legs reject taking one more step to reach my 10,000 step goal. The TV is turned off and the knitting needles are clacking and somehow it makes me laugh because my fantasy world takes over. Laughter is good, so the what if game continues…it usually looks like this:

What if I were younger, I mean 20 instead of over 70? Do I really want to be 20 again? God help me! Maybe fewer aches and pains, but the other stuff, like changing the world. Not happening. And, boy, was I dumb back in those days. I thought I knew so much. I know now that I knew very little. No way I want to go back to that!

What if I were rich? Toss that one out because I am rich in a lot of ways, family, health, self-confidence, and readers who read Wrinkly Bits. (Thank you, by the way!) Dollars, not so much, but what if I sell my books? And what if my pipe dream comes true someday.

What if I were tall instead of short? I could reach the top shelves and be able to put the star at the top of the Christmas tree, but then I’d continually bang my head on the door jambs.

What if I had never taken my first cruise? I’d be sitting at home a lot. Oh, wait. That’s what I’m doing now. Dang it.

What if I had never met my editors? My works would be filled with mistakes, spelling and usage, not to mention all my characters would be named Audrey and Ace. Somehow, I can’t think of names for characters, but my lovely editors pop them out like popcorn.

What if my name were Anna instead of Gail? Could I stand being called Banana my whole life?

What if there were no dogs in the world? Who would I spend my days with? Would Wag appear as a cat?

The what ifs go on, and they make me laugh, but when I think of it logically, even at my advanced age, my life is mine to make or break. To go somewhere or nowhere. Meanwhile, the knitting needles continue to clack, and the words continue to drop on pages. I find joy in laughter, and isn’t that what we all need right about now?

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One more thing: speaking for myself and a whole bunch of other people, masks aren’t a what if, so please, for my health, strap it on, and smile with your eyes.