What I Did Today

It’s 5 o’clock Thursday and I’m just now writing my Friday’s blog. The days rumble by, faster than I want. It would be nice if I could start over now and then, I mean when 5 o’clock rolls around, I could say Stop! Go back! I need a do-over. I waste a lot of time, and as I review the day, I wonder if I couldn’t have done better, finished this or that project, cleaned my house (ugh), written a few more sentences, visited my delightful 92-year-old neighbor, or gone to Costco where I could have dropped a few hundred dollars in no time at all.

I’ve tried multi-tasking, which used to work when I was younger with more control over my life, but not so much these days. As an organized wife, mother, teacher, and all-around busybody, I could cook dinner, grade papers, read a book, yell at my kids, vacuum the floor, and talk on the phone all at the same time, making time for wine and knitting a few stocking caps in the evening. That day has passed.

My attempts at multi-tasking are useless. For example, this morning I wanted to make some deviled eggs and plucked a half dozen eggs into the water and turned on the stove and remembered my grandkids wanted a cake, which I could bake easily enough while waiting for the eggs to boil. My cell phone chimed, and I turned my attention to an email and while I was reading, the phone rang, which was some blathering idiot reminding me to renew my auto insurance from a company I don’t have. I hung up and got caught up in egg cracking and added two extra eggs to my cake mix causing me all kinds of stress. Adding extra eggs in the cake wasn’t bad, because it was now protein rich and very tasty, but it meant I had to go to the store to buy more eggs because I wanted to make a lemon meringue pie for my lovely editor. Believe me, she is much calmer when fortified with pie. That pie needed four eggs and I only had one, necessitating the aforementioned trip to the store. I left but had forgotten the cake in the oven. Good news, though, it was barely starting to burn when I arrived home. No worry, I could peel off the singes and add frosting and they’ll never be the wiser. I realized I needed lemon for the pie and frosting mix, so off I went again.

By this time, I needed a cup of coffee, so I made a cup of joe and sat down again to check emails and other mundane computer tasks. I wrote a few sentences in my new book, then remembered the pie, which was still in uncooked pieces on my counter, so turned my attention back to it and finished deviling the eggs and frosting the cake.

So, my day passed without any real disasters. I have a cake, pie, and deviled eggs and 500 words toward my new chapter. But now, I can’t help to wonder if there is such a thing as “angeled eggs.” I’ll ask Dr. Google.

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