Time and Time Again

I live in Idaho, which is in one of the “flyover states” (and just for the record, I hate that term), with no coastal beaches, but since I arrived in Florida, I have gone to the beach nearly every day. Day or night, summer or winter, rain or shine, the waves roll in and out, never missing a beat. I find it both soothing and monotonous, but I do like watching them. The Atlantic is cold and although I have stuck my feet into the water, I have not ventured far enough to put my toes in peril of even a baby shark.

Since I am on vacation, I have a lot of time on my hands (I’m not annoying my kids, I’m not cleaning my house, and I’m not doing other routine chores that bog me down every day). I have time to write and think about all kinds of things that I usually don’t worry about, and this week I have been thinking a lot about the concept of time. It is an important part of all of us, and yet we have such little control over it. Sometimes it flies by like the time between when my kids were babies until now with both of them complaining about AARP beating down their doors. Other times, though, it drags by, like waiting for a call from someone or waiting on an appointment for the Covid 19 inoculation.

This week, my sawdust-filled mind led me to think about the concept of text talk, you know, using abbreviations to save time while texting. Some common ones are LOL, laughing out loud and YOLO, you only live once. They are fun ways to insert a thought without taking those valuable seconds to write out the whole phrase. And we know how long it takes to write out laughing out loud.

We seniors should have thought of this years ago. We could have saved a lot of time and now have more time to waste on something else. Saving time is important and I’d like to share a few TTs…text talks…that I have found and/or thought up that might be handy for saving time for us seniors. IFML…I forgot my list…ROTFLBICGU…Rolling on the floor laughing because I can’t get up. Or TMAWICITR…Tell me again why I came into this room. Or HIFMHA…Huh, I forgot my hearing aid. This one’s from yesterday, WAMGTOMF…Where are my glasses, they’re on my face. And my all-time favorite, DWI…Driving while incontinent. These abbreviations can be used to save time and energy that we could use elsewhere.

I am sure there are others that would help us and hope you will add them in your comments to this blog. ITMWYM…In the meantime, wear your mask!

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