Three-time Loser

I’m a loser, seriously, and it’s getting worse. These days I lose everything. This week (and it's only Wednesday) I have lost my keys, my phone (serious problem), and my glasses (several times a day, even when they are perched on my nose). I set my specs down in the usual spot, and I swear, the item moves to an illogical spot, where I would never leave it in a million years.

I lose my train of thought without trying. I forget why I went into a certain room and what I was looking for. This is especially noticeable when I head to the head (Marine term), look around, and say to myself, “Why am I here again?” As if it isn’t obvious. When I arrive at the grocery store and, of course, have forgotten my list, I can’t remember what I need. I aimlessly wander through the store aisle by aisle, never seeing the item. I know it was probably a vegetable and stalk the vegetable section, standing in front of the lettuce display, trying to remember what it is I need, but don’t see anything that jogs my memory. When I arrive back home, I find my list with lettuce as the number one item.

And sometimes I lose my memory, but help is on the way. My doc prescribed fish oil capsules, which look as big as a trout when I have to swallow them, and maybe they help or maybe she has stock in a fish oil company, I’m not sure. I dutifully swallow them (when I remember) and so far, have seen little improvement, but then I’ve only been at it for two years.

This whole aging process is discouraging, because I lose stuff and forget stuff, but the things that I would like to lose (pounds) and forget (to eat), never evade my mind. I’d like to forget things like where the refrigerator with the leftover pizza is or the piles of laundry waiting my attention. It would make this whole aging process a lot more tolerable.

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