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A Blog by Gail Cushman, with help As you know, I get a lot of responses to my blogs. I drop my blog off on about fifty websites, and I never know what readers will say. Last week I wrote Holy Cow! about the day I reviewed the male menu on an internet dating app and one brave cowboy responded with this mini-blog. If Facebook decides to delete me, maybe he will take over.

From a Montana cowboy: I read this interesting blog about online-dating from the Wrinkly Bits lady and decided she only knew half the story, so I’m offering a second view, this time from a male perspective. I am a Montana cowboy in his 70’s looking to meet a lady to fill out my life and hers. Although I have been at this for a while, the whole online dating thing still baffles me. Think junior high blind dates, not much information, the girls are smarter than the boys and play all kinds of games.

First, you should forget the whole thing about building a long-term relationship. What exactly is a long-term relationship when you are in your seventies? Better to say, let’s have fun and see where this goes, or hope to surpass the “use by” date.

Pictures are the key to successful on-line dating. Ladies, if you are serious about really wanting to meet a guy, take a good picture of yourself, not the grandkids, not the dog, not your graduation photo from half century ago, and especially not in a negligee. They scare the dickens out of me, and I’m sure they scare even those men who are tougher than I am. I have seen out-of-focus ladies and group photos, where the target dream girl could have been one of many. And then, there was the lady who was lying back on a pillow with her hair fluffed up on either side of her face, reminding me of staging a coffin, “Come on in, Cowboy, join me in death.” Whoa, I flipped through that page in a flash.

You should show off your assets, and I have two personal favorites, eyes and teeth. My suggestion is that you should not wear glasses unless you are blind as a bat or think they are complimentary. Forget those sunglasses that cost you a fortune, smile like you mean it, show a bit of tooth, and for crying out loud, put your teeth in.

Safety should be on your mind, so be careful about the information you share, meet at a neutral place, and tell your kids what’s happening. If they buck, remind them that you plan to move in with them for the next twenty years, and that will solve the problem. They will likely drive you to your rendezvous.

Me? I’ve been lucky and have had marvelous conversations with several interesting ladies, one of whom is a nice-looking filly, smart and she kinda likes cowboys, and I intend to romance the heck out of her and see where this goes. I was skeptical about this on-line dating thing, but now I’m sold on it. It is better than bars or lurking near the produce section at Walmart, where I nearly got arrested the one time that I tried it.

Now you have it…Opposing view, but what we agreed on: Internet dating can be risky, fun, or really scary. But most importantly, be safe!

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