Sweeping Out the Brain Sawdust

Good morning! I’m sitting at my desk savoring a cup of coffee wondering what in the world am I going to write my Wrinkly Bits blog about this morning. It’ll come to me, it always does, but I’m not sure why it will pour out my fingers or when or what, but something will appear on this page. I just hope somebody enjoys it. I write for a lot of reasons, mostly because I have piles of words and thoughts and other gibberish rolling around in my brain and this is a way to sort it out. The problem is that I will sort it today and tomorrow there will be more. It’s like sawdust in a lumber mill, I can’t get rid of it all.

Writing also keeps me from being lonely. Since Tom, my darling husband, passed away, some days I rattle around looking for someone to talk with, and these people, my characters, emerge from my brain and I talk to them. Currently, I’m talking to Audrey and Griff and Logan, who have dominated my life for several months. These people are not real but morphed out of brain’s sawdust and are culminations of things and people I know or imagine. You’ll be able to meet them soon when my books are published next month, and then I’ll have to find someone else to talk with. They mostly are delightful people, over seventy, who have the same aches and pains and frailties that we all have. I have other people in my brain, who are pining to get out, but I haven’t met them yet. I hope I like them because we’ll probably spend a good amount of time together.

I also write because of the process of elimination. I’m not tall enough to play basketball, smart enough to be on Jeopardy, skinny enough to be a model, nor flexible enough to do yoga. So, I’m constantly stuck with trying to sweep my brain free of sawdust. And when I write, I get to work with my amazing editors, Anna and Anita, who treat me very well and call me Honey Bunny, which is a barrel of laughs, because if you know me personally, I am the farthest thing from a honey bunny that you’ve ever seen.

I have always written…letters, grants, newspaper columns, and now I write gibberish, this blog, and my Wrinkly Bitsseries, which are finally being printed. I’m counting the days!

I’m nearly done with my coffee and Anna called, wondering when I’ll be finished with my blog, and I’m hungry and thinking about going on a walk. I hope we all have a great day…I’m sure that Audrey and Logan will, as they are in love, or maybe lust and will find something fun to do. Ooh-la-la.

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