New and Adventurous Things

I needed some work done on my house, which necessitated my being kicked out of it for a couple weeks, and I noticed an airplane was sitting on the tarmac with a vacant seat, so I thought I might as well board it. I did, complete with mask, gloves, goggles, and all, and now I am sitting on a patio in the sun in St. Augustine, Florida, watching old and young people walking and running, as well as a parade of dogs, some straining on their leashes and others more reluctant to go to or return from the beach, which isn’t very far away. No cats, though.

The description of the place I am staying stated (very clearly) BEACH VIEW. I am from Idaho, where no beaches exist, but I’ve been to a few and I would not exactly call this a BEACH VIEW. I would have described it as a PALM TREE VIEW, with a very lovely palm tree (singular) and green grasses, swaying in the warm ocean breezes but even craning my neck, I don’t see a grain of sand. The owners probably think they can fool this Idaho girl, but I am smarter than they think. I don’t know if complaining to the management will help or hinder, but I’ll try not to fill my complaint with Marine Corps expletives and I’ll continue to watch in case the tide comes in and the green grasses suddenly turn to water and sand. I am thankful to be anywhere warm and I’ll stop complaining and take a deep breath and enjoy my new (temporary) digs.

The door to this condo doesn’t have a key, rather a code, but the code is ten digits long, and of course I can’t remember it, (I have trouble remembering how many cups of coffee I’ve had) so I’m waiting for somebody to come and reset it for me. I want something simple, like my first born’s date of birth backward, but it will probably have to be more complex. The code setter will probably be twelve years old with eye-rolling expertise. I am sure they are late because they are not old enough to drive and had to ask their parents for a ride.

Then I had to connect to Wi-Fi and that code would probably pass muster with my favorite tech person because it has about twenty-five digits of all sorts, in no particular order, numbers, letters, and other widgets, upper, lower, and middle case. It took me a full twenty minutes to enter the code, including multiple restarts, and I hope to high heaven it doesn’t disappear and take Wrinkly Bits with it.

Anyway, I am off to a new adventure, plan to walk on the beach, eat fish tacos, look for shells, and get out of my rut. I have never been to St. Augustine and plan to see it all. Who knows what I will find?

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