My Curious Friends

I have some new friends with the oddest names, but they must really like me because they call often. Their names are Maybe Junk and Potential Spam. They call several times a day, and have begun calling later in the afternoon, interrupting my writing or my knitting or something else that is important, like my afternoon visits with my neighbors. I’ve thought of answering these calls, but Clay, my favorite tech hero, scolds me every time I mention it. Maybe and Potential never leave messages so I’m not sure what they want. This week, I had a new caller, his name was Social Security Company, which rings a bell, but he didn’t leave a message either.

And, while I am thinking about it, I am wondering what’s going on with Facebook? I get lots of friend requests, many from people I don’t know but who come to be friends through these Wrinkly Bits blogs. I enjoy reading about them and their families and the life discoveries that they are going through. It’s incredibly fun! I love seeing the little Icon that tells me that someone wants to be my “friend.” Ding! Yea! We can’t have too many friends, right? At least that’s what I thought, but recently, I have a new group interested in becoming pals.

A whole bunch of people from other parts of the world are “friending” me. My motley group of international wanna-be-friends hail from Germany, Sweden, Bora Bora, and Timbuktu (to name a few) and the list has mushroomed. The curious thing is that all are female, young, pretty, and have long flowing blonde locks and half-closed eyes. These lovely creatures tend to be scantily dressed and have all curiously been endowed with enormous bosoms. They usually say “Hello, Handsome,” which is a clue they have never met this Marine. They all have names like Cu-Cu or Wu-Wu and have no other friends. If I click on the “about” tab, I find that they have never been to school, never worked, never lived anywhere, and have no family or friends, but they are dying to know me and think I’m handsome. Curious.

I am thrilled to connect with people I know and hope to know, to learn about them and their life paths and have been surprised at how many people I have connected and reconnected with on Facebook. As an introvert, though, I need to choose my friends wisely. I’m a busy girl, always have been, and now I need Potential and Maybe and Social to go away. Also Cu-Cu and Wu-Wu. I’d like them to leave me alone, too.

BTW, wear a mask!

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