My Christmas List

I’m a list maker and with Christmas just a week away, I want to share my Christmas list. The wants are few and cheap; the don't wants, well, don't bother. My four-star rating system will tell you how I feel about all of them.

**** Civility throughout our country, local and national. It’s not a political want, but the current incivility offends my ears and is likely to break my hearing aids and I can’t afford new ones.

**** Robo Calls…get rid of them! I’m flattered that all these callers are so anxious to help with my car warranty, any social security issues, health care, but really? Am I a fool? Would I trust an unknown caller with any of those? Go away, please.

** Gift cards. No gift cards. Unless they are for on-line shopping, and if I buy online, I most likely will have to return it because it won’t fit, especially after our Covid-19 adventure.

* Perfume. Nope, Showers work perfectly fine, and you can buy me a bar of soap.

* Pajamas. Nope, and you don’t need to know why.

Negative** Stuff. Anything that has to be put on the wall or in a cupboard. I’m purging much of my wall and cupboard stuff, and any additional stuff will make next Christmas a regift holiday.

* Electronic gadgets that I need a password for. I’m maxed out on passwords.

** Cookies. But only if you can find Girl Scout cookies (Trefoils). Otherwise, they are rated *.

**** Wine. Excellent choice, especially if you bring a lot of it. Red preferred.

**** Phone calls. Meaningful, cheap, and appreciated.

********Surprise visits. The best and I’ll take several, please.

**** Vacation. I’ll go almost anywhere. Name the time and place, and I’ll be ready to get on the bus.

*** Promises. They only get above a * rating if they are fulfilled.

To my kids and grandkids: If you already bought the don’t wants, take ‘em back, or as previously mentioned, next year will be a regift holiday. You know me by now.

To my neighbors and friends who are dying to give me something, I will be gentler: Thank you so much for thinking of me. Now, where did you get this so I can buy another? Wink, wink.

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