Look What I Got for $50!

I looked at myself in the bedroom mirror and thought Gail, you need updating. Between my wrinkles and drudgery of Covid-mania, I was feeling and looking old. I don’t have time or money for a facelift or Botox, but I had a fifty-dollar bill in my purse, and I wondered if instead a new bedspread might make me feel perkier.

Our bedspread looked shabby, with wrinkles, snags, faded and bleached-out spots, and I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new one. A measly $50 investment and a trip to Walmart would provide me with a better outlook on life, I was sure. I had the time and money, knew the size of the bed, didn’t care what fabric or color, just something pretty to pump up my attitude in the midst of a lot of dark days.

I headed to Walmart and found a sky blue and yellow…sunshine and sky… bedspread that brought me joy. It was washable, the right size, everything perfect including the price, on sale for $45.00. I was happy. I made the bed and, yes, it looked great. But I had forgotten about the window curtains, which matched my old bedspread, mostly green with bleached splotches, so back to the store I went.

Success at $40. A little over my budget but everything looked spiffy, except the ceramic lamp, which was green. Okay, I can do this. Back to Walmart. The lamp was on sale, $25.00. My husband came in and said, everything looks good, except this room really needs painting…the gray walls are dingy, and a coat of yellow paint would brighten things up. He didn’t offer to help, but I like to paint so I got to it. The paint and all the gear cost $80 plus quite a few achy joints, but my newly decorated room made me smile.

However, with the new paint job, I realized that the carpet was beyond shabby, but learned quickly that I could get a new one for a mere $400, installed. I didn’t have to do that, but now our bedroom looks smoking hot!

The project started out at $50, ended up at nearly $600, but it was worth it.

Somehow, I got paint on my nightgown and it looked dingy anyway, so why not go shopping for new jammies. I’m sure I can find a nice bright pair for under $50.