It's Hard

Being on virtual house arrest is a pain in the patootie. You’ve probably seen the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids…well, it’s Gail, Covid-19 Shrank the House. But before I sound like I’m feeling sorry for myself, I need to consider…

· Those affected by this terrible virus

· Those confined to a care center…nursing home or assisted living who have to receive visitors virtually, through glass or not at all.

· Those ravaged with diseases or afflictions that consume their every being

· The list is endless…

At least I can go outside, play with my grandkids (if they aren’t sneezing), walk the dog (oops, don’t have one), go to Albertson’s Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7—9. How fun that is!

Yes, being on house arrest is hard…but considering the alternatives, how lucky I am.