It Gives Me Fever

Wrinkly Bits

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Another disease hit Boise this weekend, dare I say I’m pretty sure that it hit the whole north American continent. I didn’t realize I had it, but it had hit me head on, shaken me like a rag doll, and didn’t let go. I wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone, but I think most of my friends were exposed, perhaps not even realizing what it was. Getting relief from the symptoms was scary with backache, eye strain, irritability, and exhaustion to the point that I turned down an invitation to have a glass of wine with my neighbors. I called my health insurance company, wondering if it would be covered by my policy, but wouldn’t you know it, they laughed and said, not politely, “Not on your life.”

My Boise kids left town, because I suspect they had the disease in spades. They had been cranky for a few weeks and then stopped talking altogether. They had stopped going out to eat, which is a sure sign that something is wrong because everyone is too busy zooming to cook anymore. My Nome kids stayed at home, but people who live in Alaska are tough, so it didn’t surprise me. And to that point, Nome has a limited array of restaurants with strange sounding combinations and high prices, so going out to dinner isn’t always possible. The last time I was there I bought a whole, large-size pizza for a whopping $80.00. It was my fault though because I asked for extra pepperoni.

On Saturday, the whole town of Boise was attempting to rid themselves of this disease, or as I’ve heard it called, cabin fever. I went shopping and visited places I hadn’t been during the Covid pandemic, and it was wonderful. Everything was open. People didn’t wear protective gear. Faces showed expression and I even shook somebody’s hand. My pandemic cure included a trip to Costco so it cost me several hundred dollars, which could have been better spent by going on a little trip somewhere fun or having a spa day, all to myself, but getting out of my house for a time was worth whatever I had to pay. I’m not sure I’m done yet, but I’m going to lock my credit card away for a while.

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