Building a Book, Bits of Time

I always wanted to be a construction guy, but I was neither a guy nor had the tools to build things like dog houses, so I had to settle for easier things like writing books. So here I am, at the advanced old age of 75, putting words on paper, building books, hoping someone likes my work enough to purchase them so that I can pay all the subcontractors who help me along the way. I do the writing, putting all the words on paper, which is easy for me, but then comes reality and I must ask for help.

Building a book is a lot like building anything else. For example, if you build a birdhouse, you need wood, dowels for the cute little birds to sit on, tools, like saws and sanders, to keep their little feet from getting splinters. You add a roof and paint it to make it pretty, then hang it up and hope the birds will come. I just finished building a book: Bits of Time, a compilation of my bi-weekly blogs and I’m looking for readers to come. See what I mean?

Books are no different, my job is writing, but I also have editors (two lovely ladies), a talented designer and cover artist to make my manuscript look like a book, a cover artist, a printer, and an agent (which I don’t have) or some other way to let readers know it is available.

Writing a book can take six months or six years, depending on how fast I work and if everything goes on schedule, but life happens sometimes. I use Facebook and a bunch of other websites for selling my work, which has served me well. But I am not Barnes and Noble nor Amazon. I am an independent writer, self-publishing, printing, the whole enchilada. Because of their size, neither Barnes and Noble nor Amazon was able to get Bits of Time to market before the first of the year. But the whole enchilada is now sitting on my loading dock, ready for you in time for Christmas.

Bits of Time is perfect for Christmas giving with no obscenity or profanity. We increased the size of the print for easier reading, and I can now read it without my glasses, yay! And, added bonus! Because it is on my loading dock, and NOT Amazon or Barnes and Noble, I will autograph them for you.

Writing books seems simple enough, but maybe I should have learned how to build birdhouses.

Bits of Time, a compilation of 100 of Gail’s Wrinkly Bits blogs, is available from Gail Cushman Books, Box 905, Columbus, MT 59019 for $15, plus $3.00 shipping and handling. Message me through Facebook Messenger, email me at or contact me through the Fan Club Web page if you want books.

All my Wrinkly Bits books are available from my loading dock in time for Christmas. Your in-laws (or outlaws) will love you.

I can take credit cards, checks, or Venmo (see how hip I’ve become?) Order Bits of Time by December 14 for Christmas delivery.

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