Ashes to Lashes

My doctor told me that I should get more exercise (has anybody’s doctor ever said to get less exercise?) so it wasn’t exactly a shocker. This year has been difficult for everybody and I imagine most of us are in the same boat, needing to eat less and walk more. So, I plugged in the ear pods that my grandkids insisted I buy, leashed my dog Wag, and I headed out. Wag likes to walk the streets, which might make us street walkers, (not that kind!), so I decided to alter our route and trek through a local strip mall where I saw a beautiful new sign reading “Ash Boudoir.” I had no idea what it was but since I now was near the end of my 10,000 steps, I hustled by, thinking I would check it out later. I was quite curious about why the lights were off, and why there were cots with pillows and blankets inside, maybe six or so. I was puzzled as to what went on in that budding business and Wag didn’t know either.

I knew a “boudoir” was a lady’s bedroom, so imagine my wild and crazy thoughts. I had been thinking about my husband who is no longer with me and had a wayward thought: was an “Ash Boudoir” a ladies’ crematorium? A mortuary in disguise? I was dumbfounded and thought I must have made a mistake and so the next day we returned to have another look. I was correct, it said “Ash Boudoir,” but this time, we were not in such a hurry, and noticed another squiggly stroke before the word “Ash.” It was graphic art and I wasn’t sure if the squiggle was a letter or meant to distract me. Perhaps it was an “S” making the business a “Sash Boudoir,” like selling scarves or belts. Or maybe “FL,” a “Flash Boudoir,” maybe selling bling or flashy jewelry, but why would there be cots? I stared a little longer and tried on my schoolteacher I-can-read-anyone’s-handwriting eyes and saw an “L,” which meant the establishment would be “Lash Boudoir.” Now that made sense. Permanent makeup, extra-long eye lashes, and who knows what else?

I had never heard of a Lash Boudoir, but it’s 2020, and things, they are a’changing. I’m just glad it wasn’t a crematorium.

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