An Hour in the Life...

My dog friends, FiFi and FooFoo, are visiting again, don’t these people ever stay home? I watched with interest at their arrival, wondering if I could build another Wag and Company blog. They did the sniffing routine, the slopping water all over Gail’s floors routine, and stared at me with sad eyes that begged, “Why am I being left behind again?” They began to wander the house, going from room to room, as if they had no purpose in their lives, which they don’t, as far as I can tell.

But then, it hit me like an Idaho earthquake. I have no purpose either. Wanting to complete my 10,000 steps, I decided to take a walk. I had 1,750 steps yet to go. I finished my coffee and carried the cup to the kitchen, where I noticed my dirty dishtowels waiting to be thrown in the washer. It would delay me only a minute, but I noticed a spill on the floor and grabbed another towel to wipe it up, forgetting to turn on the washer, but I remembered that I hadn’t combed my hair yet, so I detoured to the bathroom. On the way I tripped over a pair of wayward shoes, picked them up, and dumped them in the closet, still aiming toward the bathroom.

FiFi barked, and I remembered they needed fresh water, so rerouted myself toward the laundry room where the dogs’ water dish was but noticed my electric bill payment was ready to be mailed and the mailman would be here any minute, and I aimed toward the mailbox. I almost got to the mailbox, but noticed that my raspberries were ripe, so I back-stepped to the house for a bowl to put the yummy raspberries in. Multi-tasking is good!

But the dogs wanted out, so I opened the back door and noticed that the grass was dry, and it would just take a second to turn on the water, which I did. On the way back to the raspberries and mailbox, I checked the washer, which I forgot that I hadn’t remembered to start, and my phone rang. I forgot where I left it, so I started a search and followed the ringing to the bathroom. It was a robo call, of course, and I didn’t answer, but looked in the mirror and noticed I still hadn’t combed my hair.

FooFoo, my other guest dog, had left me a present on the bathroom floor, and I needed to take care of it, so I diverted myself to the kitchen to find a paper towel, but the holder was empty, necessitating a trip the garage. When I went into the garage, I forgot what I was looking for and returned to the bathroom for something, I forgot what, too, but remembered when I saw FooFoo’s present. I headed to the garage but spied water on the sidewalk and I couldn’t waste water, so I turned it off. My needed step count was now 1,100, so who needs to go on a walk?

It was nearly time for Jeopardy, which I always remember to watch, and I settled down with an adult beverage (I also remember those) to try to outthink some nerdy person. I still hadn’t combed my hair, but Wag, FiFi, and FooFoo don’t care, as they jockeyed for position on my lap making me remember my only purpose in life…to entertain my three charges.