A Good Cup of Joe

I love coffee and drink far too much. I am well aware of my over-consumption but justify that it is a forbidden pleasure that isn’t lethal, at least I don’t think it is. I used to have a twelve-cup pot and tossed it out and now use a four-cup pot, reasoning that I would cut my coffee consumption by one-third. That logic sort of works some days but other days, it doesn’t. I just make a second or third pot of coffee. No problem, easy peasy! I use Folgers because it’s a family tradition, what my grandmother and mother used. Besides that, Costco carries it, and it comes in giant economy containers.

Someone recently introduced me to the individual cup-of-coffee-making machine, Keurig, which makes a good cup of Joe, no doubt about it. It is easy to brew, no cleanup, and I can choose from a variety of flavors, although I don’t think Folgers was one of the flavors. Nevertheless, it is delicious, and I could get hooked on it, but that means I’ll have to purchase a Keurig machine, which is much bigger than my four-cupper and I’ll have to rearrange my kitchen counter to accommodate it and make another trip to the thrift store to donate my old brewing machine, which works fine, but has been much used and much loved and other people might not feel about it the same way that I do about it.

I visited a store to see about the Keurig machine, the cost and other such info, but I came away empty handed. The store displayed the machines on the top shelf in the useless-kitchen-gadget department, and I could see a variety of colors, black, yellow, blue, and even a lovely bright red in several styles, sizes, and shapes. One machine seemed to meet my needs, it was a combination of a twelve-cupper and a single serve, which appealed to me because that would be thirteen cups and I wouldn’t have to worry about stopping my blog-writing rhythm to make another cup of joe. A sign warned shoppers to ask for help for items located on the top shelf, but I couldn’t find anybody, you know, since I am sometimes invisible.

I became distracted from the coffee machines and found another gadget that I didn’t know about, a banana corer and peeler. I’ve been peeling bananas with my fingers for seventy-odd years and have never cored them, but this gadget was enticing. It was on the bottom shelf, so I could read the directions and found that I could straighten a crooked banana, core it, and refill it with peanut butter or some other goodie for a week’s calorie allotment. It was about twenty dollars and would give me a blog topic, even if it didn’t straighten the bananas. I kept my twenty dollars and took a picture of the info and am passing it on to you.

So now, back to the Keurig. To buy or not to buy. I’m not sure. I like what I have, but realize it is old fashioned. Should I lay down my hundred-plus dollars for a new coffee machine or forgo it and continue supporting the Folgers company. Another option is to hint about my dilemma to my children who would probably race to the store to put a Keurig under the Christmas tree with my name on it. What do you think?

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