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Wrinkly Bits: Cooking Time

When your bits start getting wrinkly, life becomes all about comfort: comfort in your clothes, your shoes, and most importantly, your food! Join in the Wrinkly Bits fun by submitting your favorite comfort food recipe. Recipes must fall under one of four categories: appetizer, main course, dessert, or cocktail. The top fifteen favorites in each category will be featured in the Wrinkly Bits: Cooking Time Cookbook with the recipe owner receiving proper recognition.

Because we can't leave out our furry friends, we've created a fifth category! If you happen to have a healthy recipe for dog treats, please submit it under the appropriately named "Dog Treat" category!


Here are the simple rules:


- Human recipes must be for only one or two people. The days of cooking for small armies are long gone, so recipes need to be scaled down to feed only one or two.

- The ingredient list must include precise measurements. All recipes will be tested in multiple kitchens, and testers need to be replicating the exact dish.

- Recipes must be your own or passed down through your family line. We love the Pioneer Woman, but she would not appreciate us using her recipes.

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Cute Bunny

I have been called a lot of names: Wife. Mother. Grandma. Teacher. Principal. Marine. Friend. Neighbor. Honey Bunny. And probably a few others that I don't think I want to know about!


I live in Idaho with my husband who served as an Idaho judge and taught me so many things about life, like how to be civilized.


I am fortunate to have lived many places, traveled many places, and have a husband and family who have loved and cared about me.


This is my life, and these are my stories. 


I have had the privilege of traveling all over this beautiful world, and this is where I will be sharing my adventures with you. Check back often to see where this Honey Bunny left her tracks!


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W H E R E  A M  I ?

Where in the world do you find canine paparazzi in front of the Marche and the Brotzeit. Where could I possibly be?


Doesn't every bunny dream of being rescued by a knight in shining armor? My dream came true when this fella followed my tracks and came to my rescue. Any guesses where he found me? My knight in shining armor caught me in Scotland!


Sometimes my travels allow me to take my grandbunnies with me. This is a limb of a tree and is about five feet in diameter. Huge. Of course, she scaled them with no difficulty, while I was left on the ground taking photos. Can you guess where my grandbunny is perched? Answer: This little grandbunny and I are at the Botanical Gardens in Blarney, Ireland.


Meet Fernando!


I was in the Canary Islands last year and had quite an adventure on this female dromedary (a one-humper, I learned). Her name was Fernando, and she was a mean-spirited animal. She tried to eject me from the chair. She was a biter and a spitter, smelled to high heaven, and pooped with regularity but I felt like Lawrence of Arabia! So much fun!

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